With “The Iron Maiden”, Ali is diving into a very mysterious, horrible, but still fascinating part of history: the Spanish Inquisition! There are a lot of intricate details and special features which Ali added. The GPU cover, for example, is a spanish church door decoration, a moving LED screen folds out from beneath the chassis and most fascinatingly the LEDs only turn on if the candle at the altar is lit! At the DCMM 2020 he won two 1st places with “The Iron Maiden”.


“The Big Bad Battle Box” is a modern-day version of an arcade. Whilst utilising both modern day hardware and nostalgic switches and joysticks, Ali created the perfect combination between these two worlds. There are 6000 games available, spanning over 24 retro platforms, which you can either access with the Coolermaster Keyboard, or with the nostalgic arcade unit controls on each side. Whether you want to play Pacman, Tetris, or any other retro game, this mod has it all!


“Piracy and Prophecy” brought Ali to a hard-fought second place at the Thermaltake Season One Invitational 2016 and won the DCMM for the third time in a row, bestowing him with a never-before-seen hat trick in the casemodding category. As the name “Piracy and Prophecy” suggests, Ali takes on the subject of Pirates, a mythos that had inspired him in light of the cornucopia of books and films the subject has spawned over the years.


“The Lancer Unleashed” was built by Ali on behalf of the GeForce Garage by NVIDIA to promote “Gears of War 4” from developers Black Tusk Studios. The heart of the self-made casemod is the Lancer assault rifle, which is modeled down to the smallest detail from the game and is even equipped with a chainsaw attached to the barrel of the gun. And since none other than Ali Abbas built the Lancer Unleashed, the chainsaw even moves!


“Ragnars Revenge” was handmade by Ali for the DCMM 2015. In terms of materials he primarily used a combination of poplar, beech, birch and spruce. With the obvious exception of the electronic components themselves the casemod was handmade from the ground up. Even the tiniest detail was handled with the greatest of care, and the construction of the moving parts make “Ragnars Revenge” one of the greatest casemods of all time!


“Amazing Grace” takes a fresh perspective on gaming and modding, this time adding a dash of refinement and femininity to proceedings with something designed to appeal to the fairer gender. In this mod, Ali teamed up for a 24h live-modding challenge alongside Johannes Loew for the 14th German Case Modding Championships – and the results speak for themselves.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood pays homage to the anything-goes attitude and the neon technicolour glory of the 1980s, and Ali “THE CRE8OR” Abbas was tasked by NVIDIA alongside games developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks to build an appropriately retro mod in its honour. Enter: the CRE8ODORE! Taking an original Commodore CM Model 8032 circa 1979, Ali retrofitted it with the latest and greatest gaming hardware. It also pays tribute to the original Wolfenstein game that started it all, which itself was published for the first time back in 1981 – a game that has long since earned its rightful place as a classic in the pantheon of great PC games, and what better way to play it than on this stunning piece of retro gaming history?


Enter: The Quasar! Creating this remarkable starship demanded THE CRE8OR strain every creative sinew in drawing on a deep well of Sci-Fi staples, ranging from the legendary star destroyers of Star Wars fame to the infamous Birds of Prey of Star Trek. The result is a ship of remarkable proportions, one whose attention to detail gives it an incredible sense of size thanks to THE CRE8OR’s use of an ingenious combination of widgets and knick-knacks ranging from golf balls to bottle tops for the communications array and biros for the weapons systems. The warp core at the heart of this system takes the form of one of Seasonic’s famously high-quality power supplies. Needless to say, Ali has succeeded in forging the ultimate decked-out spacecraft: one ready to boldly go where no PC case modder has gone before!


Spartacus is an homage to the gladiators of ancient Rome that both draws parallels with and draws inspiration from the gladiatorial battle taking place between the elite cohort of casemodders. “Spartacus: Mod of the Arena” was started to compete in the Thermaltake MFC Season 2, but wasn’t completed on time. It takes the Thermaltake P90 and transforms it into an arena reminiscent of the colosseum, one in which the battle to become MFC2 champion might appropriately have been held. It goes without saying that the Spartacus legend played a significant role in influencing the direction of this casemod, and the name “Mod of the Arena” alludes to the TV mini-series “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”.


Lagertha was built for the DCMM 2019 to take part in the first keyboard modding challenge supported by Cherry. As expected, Ali took the mod the the next level and transformed the keyboard into a small PC powered by a Raspberry Pi. The top can be opened and closed and hosts a touchscreen monitor and speakers. Visually and historically Lagertha is the counterpart to Ragnars Revenge. Lagertha the shield maiden was the first wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, who was the inspiration for the Ragnars Revenge casemod.


Ali “TheCre8or” Abbas has created three unique casemods. For World of Tanks our case modder extraordinaire selected, appropriately enough, the Cougar Panzer MAX with its looks drawing inspiration from tank tracks.


To christen a project with such a name speaks volumes, not least in terms of its fearsome aspect. Its intimidating aesthetic aside for a moment, the name was in some way appropriate in light of the time and dedication that such a creation demanded. That said, it was back in 2012 when – with some trepidation – work originally began on creating the ARMAGEDDON, a kind of mechanised, mobile desk setup. Despite work continuing on at least 20 other projects in parallel to this one, it was completed a mere four years after the world was supposed to end. Indeed, if 2012 was a close call – then 2016 was the year when ARMAGEDDON finally hit. Kitted out with a concealable keyboard, stealthy monitors, a hidden USB bay and a subwoofer – all of which come powered by water cooled hardware, this mother of all computer desks swept away the competition. The awards it received included three trophies at the DCMM, namely Best Casecon, Best Electromechanics and 2nd in Most Spectacular Case categories at Gamescom.


Some might say that drawing parallels between modern PC hardware and the storied history of the samurai is almost sacrilegious, and it is from this sacrilegious juxtaposition that Samurai Sacrilegium takes its (fitting) name! Samurai Sacrilegium is essentially an All-in-One-PC in a design that recalls the Samurai of feudal Japan in the middle- and early modern ages. Built by hand with an extraordinary level of attention to detail, the case mod won silver at the DCMM2014 and 2015 modding championships.


This casemod was created using a BitFenix Aurora as a foundation alongside Monia Reuther at the 15th DCMM in Cologne, achieving 3rd place despite it being their first collaborative effort. It represents an homage to Giger’s bio-mechanical style of sculpting and painting. Needless to say, the build draws inspiration from famous elements of the Alien films and finds ingenious ways of incorporating them. Given that it was created within a 24 hour time limit, audiences were astounded at the creativity of the ideas and how they eventually came together to result in this Giger-esque tribute to bio-mechanical case design.


TH BGolden highlights, red paint and chrome bring to mind old fashioned fire trucks. The 67th Brigade was not just Ali’s homage to these impressive vehicles, but also a respectful tip of the cap to the brave lifesavers of fire services everywhere. Aside from using old heating components, a fruit basket, the thermostat from an espresso machine as well as the fan taken from an old scanner, an Enermax case serves as the foundation for this casemod.


“If Bruce Wayne had a server, a “Bat Server” if you will, how would it look?”

Ali Abbas asked himself this very question, and now we have an answer: The Dark Knight. It was with this very case mod that Ali won the “Best Casemod” category at DCMM 2014 and was twice rewarded with gold at the Modding Masters 2014 (Best Casemod, Most Spectacular Casemod). Thematically the case draws inspiration from the “Dark Knight” trilogy brought to prominence courtesy of director Christopher Nolan as well as older films and PC games that portrayed Bruce Wayne aka “Batman”.


Strength, steadfastness, stability – a case for the ages!
This is no regular rig. The POD (Power on Demand) II has the bulk and breadth to withstand just about anything you could throw at it, but more to the point, would you even dare? The theme of the mod brings to mind a fusion of heavy duty hydraulics and armour, all stained in an ominous shade of blood red. This is a hulking war-torn mod for the ages, raring to return to some ancient far flung battlefield.


The Extraodinary Case of Being Safe And Sound represents another collaborative work of CaseModders Ali Abbas and Johannes Löw. The participating teams were given a Phantek’s Enthoo Evolv Mini-ITX housing, which they had to work with as a foundation. The mod is designed like a safe and also functions as a full-fledged bluetooth sound system. The sound is provided by a Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar from Creative which was disassembled into its individual parts and then built into the mod. The vaults locking the wheel at the front function as a volume knob and the PC itself is stowed away in the rear compartment.


The “RAM-BO” is more of an exhibit than a casemod. It was created for the 2021 Thermaltake RAM MOD Invitational. Actual TOUGHRAM modules were incorporated into the individual parts of this diorama. The mod was created under a strict time limit and with the rule to only use the RAM modules with no additional PC hardware.


Built for the first season of Caseking’s “King my Case”, this case conversion is based on a PHANTEKS P600S Mid-Tower. Since the new owner is a musician by heart, the “The A.M.P.” incorporates a fully functioning guitar amplifier, tuner, metronome, and in-built speakers. The parts were taken from a real Marshall amplifier, disassembled, and then re-wired to work in this new chassis. For sake of completion it comes fully equipped with a pick dispenser and decorated with guitar parts.


“Repto-Am-PI-Bicus” is a casemod based upon the Raspberry PI A. It was built for the PI case modding contest in 2013. The mod was inspired by reptiles and amphibians. This mod is tiny in comparison to Ali’s other creations, but rules of the contest meant all mods had to fit within size restrictions.


Alis ambition behind this project was simply to attain the title of world’s first world record casemod. This gigantic 96cm long and 21kg heavy monster is not just a spectacular fully functioning mouse, but also a complete computer. Like all regular mice, Colossus has two click buttons, a scroll wheel and one pushes the pointer around with pure muscle power on its equally large 180cm x 120cm mouse pad.


Coffee, the Black Gold of the IT-World. This hot beverage runs through the veins of programmers all over the world. The influence of the coffee bean in the IT-sector is enormous, and even the first webcam at the University of Cambridge was built to keep an eye on the coffee pot! The MEKpresso is the first PC that can actually brew coffee. Ali camouflaged the intestines of standard coffee machine mechanics and modified them to fit in the Zotac Mek 1 case, so as to have the best of both worlds. Now, one can play computer games while having a hot cup of coffee at the same time.


Nature in its earliest stages, all the way up to the present was what inspired Ali THE CRE8OR Abbas for this case. Made out of Wallnut and decorated with black and chrome elements to set it off, this case goes all the way back to the days when Mega-, Giga- and Terrabytes would have swam with the Trilobytes in the prehistoric seas. The Trilobyte is a full-fledged kit with all and every possibility to be customized and changed according to ones personal wishes. The 4 chrome binding pillars and elements in wood or acrylics can all be exchanged with different available options. Of course, the case can also be stacked up with whatever hardware one desires.


“THE DAWN OF WINDOWS” casemod was created to commemorate 30 years of Microsoft Windows history. A Siemens Nixdorf PC01 from 1981 is the basis for this mod. The chassis was gutted and modified to be fitted with state of the art hardware. The mod is a tribute to both the old aesthetics of PCs, and the pioneers of personal computers.