Wargaming PCs

Ali “TheCre8or” Abbas has created three unique casemods. For World of Tanks our case modder extraordinaire selected, appropriately enough, the Cougar Panzer MAX with its looks drawing inspiration from tank tracks.


To christen a project with such a name speaks volumes, not least in terms of its fearsome aspect. Its intimidating aesthetic aside for a moment, the name was in some way appropriate in light of the time and dedication that such a creation demanded. That said, it was back in 2012 when – with some trepidation – work originally began on creating the ARMAGEDDON, a kind of mechanised, mobile desk setup. Despite work continuing on at least 20 other projects in parallel to this one, it was completed a mere four years after the world was supposed to end. Indeed, if 2012 was a close call – then 2016 was the year when ARMAGEDDON finally hit. Kitted out with a concealable keyboard, stealthy monitors, a hidden USB bay and a subwoofer – all of which come powered by water cooled hardware, this mother of all computer desks swept away the competition. The awards it received included three trophies at the DCMM, namely Best Casecon, Best Electromechanics and 2nd in Most Spectacular Case categories at Gamescom.

Samurai Sacrilegium

Some might say that drawing parallels between modern PC hardware and the storied history of the samurai is almost sacrilegious, and it is from this sacrilegious juxtaposition that Samurai Sacrilegium takes its (fitting) name! Samurai Sacrilegium is essentially an All-in-One-PC in a design that recalls the Samurai of feudal Japan in the middle- and early modern ages. Built by hand with an extraordinary level of attention to detail, the case mod won silver at the DCMM2014 and 2015 modding championships.

A Tribute To H.R. Giger

This casemod was created using a BitFenix Aurora as a foundation alongside Monia Reuther at the 15th DCMM in Cologne, achieving 3rd place despite it being their first collaborative effort. It represents an homage to Giger’s bio-mechanical style of sculpting and painting. Needless to say, the build draws inspiration from famous elements of the Alien films and finds ingenious ways of incorporating them. Given that it was created within a 24 hour time limit, audiences were astounded at the creativity of the ideas and how they eventually came together to result in this Giger-esque tribute to bio-mechanical case design.

The 67th Brigade

Golden highlights, red paint and chrome bring to mind old fashioned fire trucks. The 67th Brigade was not just Ali’s homage to these impressive vehicles, but also a respectful tip of the cap to the brave lifesavers of fire services everywhere. Aside from using old heating components, a fruit basket, the thermostat from an espresso machine as well as the fan taken from an old scanner, an Enermax case serves as the foundation for this casemod.

The Dark Knight

“If Bruce Wayne had a server, a “Bat Server” if you will, how would it look?”

Ali Abbas asked himself this very question, and now we have an answer: The Dark Knight. It was with this very case mod that Ali won the “Best Casemod” category at DCMM 2014 and was twice rewarded with gold at the Modding Masters 2014 (Best Casemod, Most Spectacular Casemod). Thematically the case draws inspiration from the “Dark Knight” trilogy brought to prominence courtesy of director Christopher Nolan as well as older films and PC games that portrayed Bruce Wayne aka “Batman”.