About Ali Abbas alias “THE CRE8OR”

Ali Abbas is the creator of some of the most phenomenal casemods. He has an innate talent for bringing his visions to life and making these amazing concepts into working masterpieces. His passion and need to tinker came into being during his time in Pakistan, the country he lived in as a boy.

It was against this background that his story began to unfold, where certified PC components were at a premium – his inner MacGyver began to grow. As a result, many long hours have been spent over the years scrounging for materials to become centrepieces for his latest creation.

Enjoying his creative pastime while his career in IT progressed apace here in Germany, Ali then discovered the German casemodding championships (DCMM). It quickly dawned on him that what was an enjoyable hobby for him, also happened to be a competitive community spanning the globe.

Arriving at Caseking in 2017, what had previously been a passionate pastime, has now evolved into a profession. Here, Ali is known as “THE CRE8OR” and has been given free rein to indulge his creativity in an environment befitting his reputation.

Awards & Achievements



at international level in just 9 years, including:

  • The first casemodding world record
  • 16-time DCMM Gold winner
  • 14-time DCMM 2nd place
  • 11-time DCMM 3rd place
  • also first ever Hattrick at DCMM
  • and 3x Gold at DCMM with one Mod
  • 4-time winner of the Modding Masters
  • 2-time WMI Gold winner