And the Lord said, “let there be light” and there was light.
And the Lord said “let there be man” and there was man.
The Lord then sat back, frowned and said, “hey Gabriel, turn that light off again, something’s wrong”
After a while the Lord had a brain wave and said
“I know what’s missing, “PERFECTION”
So the Lord created version 2 and called it “WOMAN”
He then sat back content, lit a cigar, and happily said
“Wow, good job, that’s “AMAZING GRACE”


Although undeniably epic, amidst all THE CRE8OR’s war- and warrior-themed mods that range from the Armageddon to Piracy and Prophecy and the “Samurai Sacrilegium, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that there’s something missing. Some degree of Yin missing its respective Yang. A bit of a lady’s man, Ali Abbas sought to add a dash of refinement and femininity to his formidable array of case mods and conversions – to bring something new and inspirational to the world of case modding, perhaps something that might appeal to the fairer gender. In doing so, Ali set out to create something elegant and subtle without being sterile or minimalist.

Ali decided to create something unlike he’d ever created before: Enter, “Amazing Grace”.






Amazing Grace was the result of a 24h live-modding challenge for the 14th German Case Modding Championships (aka Deutschen Casemod Meisterschaft) alongside Ali’s comrade in arms Johannes Loew. It would be easy to take this or that mod, give it a girly pink coat and call it a day – needless to say this wasn’t enough for Ali and this creation stands as a stunning rebuttal to casemods that have all too often focused on the masculine side of things in years gone by. Taking high-end gaming hardware and revealing a feminine charm, the result of THE CRE8OR’s efforts is a beautifully crafted dressing table that any self-respecting gamer girl would love to get their manicured hands on.

Here is a brief summary of the “Amazing Grace”:

  • Traditional dressing table that conceals a modern surprise
  • Hand-crafted from start to finish
  • Utilises natural materials, particularly wood
  • Integrated screen
  • Reflective mirror transforms into a high-end gaming monitor

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