Hello Modding Madness fans! The penultimate episode of modding madness is finally here, with the Seasonic Quasar approaching its finished form. With Seasonic’s famous series of PSUs forming the foundation of this build, my initital idea was to build it into an oversize case – a kind of giant power supply! Then I took a second look at the unit’s PSU sockets and I saw… windows, or perhaps the port holes of a ship! This would go on to give the ship the illusion of a gargantuan size.

One minor detail that has also changed in the last week or two is that Instead of hanging it from the ceiling as originally planned, we’ve decided put it on 4 invisible plexiglass feet to allow people a better (and closer) look at the finished product. We have just got time for a few last tweaks, including a “red alert” sound, finally getting the primary weapons system working (the cannon), and I’ve added a concealed button in the front to give the ship’s lighting an awesome strobing effect. As the creative process draws to a close, we’re now just planning to pack it up for Computex – but luckily for you chaps we still have time for just one more episode today!

This was the Quasar, I’ve engaged the warp core and set the coordinates for to Taiwan – brace yourself for the final video where we’ll get it on the launchpad and in its ultimate form!

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