Welcome to another episode of Modding Madness here in the workshop! In the last episode we covered the improvements in the build’s basic structure and went into the background and inspirations that lay behind the creation of this epic case mod and now we’re back again!

This time round I’ll be showing off some of the work going into getting the paintjob looking just right, with a metallic look alongside hints of brown and silvering on the edges. The look I’m aiming to achieve here is that of a combat-ready intergalactic cruiser. The black and blues don’t just fit the bill when it comes to getting that sci-fi look, they are also a nod to Seasonic that is sponsoring this exciting new build.

The (soon to be) motorised turret I crafted in the last video is well on its way to being installed on the roof of the ship, and this is going to go great alongside some awesome-looking new radar domes, weapons systems and appropriately sci-fi electronics on the wings. But what use is a ship without an engine? This is where those steering jets I made in the last video come in, which are now getting their final silver/brown/black paintjob before I integrate them into the stern of the ship.

The next episode will show off the lighting in all its glory now that the electrics are nearly done, and the tiny twinkling lights should be ready soon – hopefully giving the impression of thousands of tiny windows behind which lie the cosmonauts (or Ali-nauts) standing ready to disembark on their next mission. Time is starting to get tight, with the maiden flight planned for the 15th by which time we have to get it signed, sealed and delivered all the way to Taiwan. Wish me luck!

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