Hi guys! It’s me Ali Abbas here and back again with another episode of Modding Madness in THE CRE8OR workshop here at Caseking. Watch to the end for a big announcement!

Work has been continuing apace on the old Commodore CBM Model 8032. Originally released in 1979, it is instantly recognisable and truly a treasure of computer history. But after 40 years, it’s time to do the old girl the honour of a modern makeover. I’m aiming to achieve a look that’s discrete and true to the looks of the original on the outside, while the inside is as clean and modern as a modern gaming PC can be on the inside. But more on the innards later.

The biggest hurdle so far has been getting the original tube-style monitor out and removing the vacuum, to do this I had to saw part of the front screen off to allow space for the LCD to be installed. This minor obstacle aside however: Commodore, being the forward-thinking company they are, did think to include a slot on side of case that just so happens to be perfectly proportioned for holding a CD/DVD drive. This has now been discretely stashed away in the side behind a milled panel complete with a matte paint job. The rear I/O is kept super simple with just an on/off switch for the power supply, everything else can be kept internal. I also milled a special cover to enable connectivity with a modern external monitor via HDMI, alongside some USB ports.

Now to the front of the case: certain elements obviously need to go in the front, including the keyboard, this turned out to be more of a challenge than you’d think – given the unusual form factor I was lucky enough to find a single Logilink keyboard that slots perfectly into the front, including a number pad. Although the keyboard is somewhat of a step away from the looks of the original, fans of the original’s retro aesthetics will be pleased to know that the 5.25” floppy drive is still alive and kicking – although it now doubles up as an on/off switch! I’m a big fan of Commodore’s original faceplate too, and in-keeping with the original, I’ve created a new CRE8OR-themed faceplate that riffs on the CBM Model 8032 while still paying homage. Faceplates aside, I’ve also included a custom-cut mesh panel on the front to boot, and this will help show off some subtle RGB lighting on the interior… dropping a hint that all is not necessarily as it seems with this old Commodore!

As for the big reveal: I’m pleased to announce that as part of a collaboration with NVIDIA, this old Commodore will be receiving its very own RTX graphics card to make for the ultimate retro hotrod build! This will be accompanied by an ASUS ROG motherboard and, naturally, a Seasonic power supply.

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