In this episode I’ll be showing you how I created the QUASAR – The Seasonic Spaceship! Making this happen has meant drawing inspiration from all kinds of Sci-Fi staples, from the star destroyers of Star Wars to the infamous Birds of Prey of Star Trek fame. The point is to create a casemod that is all things to all people, whether you’re a Trekkie or a fan of Space 1999. This PC casemodding challenge has been like no other, and I’ve had to use every kind of widget and knick-knack ranging from golf balls to bottle tops and biros used to forge the ultimate decked-out spacecraft: one ready to boldly go where no PC case modder has gone before! As well as simply looking the part in visual terms, I wanted to create a spaceship casemod that also gives onlookers the illusion of scale, one of gargantuan proportions to be specific – just like a real spaceship. To achieve this, I’ve used the size of tiny details, such as the plastic cable harness of a Seasonic power supply unit that plays the role of the ship’s portholes, and the dimpled communications array (a golf ball!) to help give the eye the impression of scale. Of course, no respectable space ship would be complete without a series of primary- and secondary defensive systems, and this is where a clever combination of spray paint and stationery comes into play! The deadline on this build is getting tight, fingers crossed I get it done in time! Stay tuned for more PC case modding madness!

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