The Lancer Unleashed” was built by Ali “The CRE8OR” Abbas on behalf of the GeForce Garage by NVIDIA to promote “Gears of War 4” from developers Black Tusk Studios. The GeForce Garage regularly introduces impressive gaming systems and casemods in the YIDIY series (Why I DIY), so it was only a matter of time before Ali was allowed to present one of his mods.

The Lancer Unleashed emerged thanks to inspiration from the Gears of War series and resulted in this incredible case conversion. Caseking’s very own CRE8OR created this incredible PC case, and visually it looks very close to the “original” ingame version. The ammo display even shows the how much charge is held by the assault rifle’s battery. The battery itself is required to power the electric motor that supplies the attached chainsaw with power!